David Haack - IMDb

Location: Los Angeles
Height: 6'3"


Kaleidoscope (Short)                                  Lead                              Jorge Granera, Director                        

Moderately Put Together (Short)               Supporting                   Leigh Ann Biety, Director

Cypher (Short)                                             Lead                              AMAZON PRIME - Joseph Lisa, Director

Make Love Great Again                              Lead                              HBO - Aaron Agrasanchez, Director

Samantha Becoming (short)                     Lead                              Courtney Pape, Director

Flying By                                                      Supporting                   Jim Amatulli, Director

The Poughkeepsie Tapes                           Supporting                   John Erik Dowdle, Director


The Goldbergs                                             Guitar Guy                     ABC Television -- Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders               Damian                         CBS Television --Directed By: Larry Teng

The Apostles                                                Tim  (recurring)            FOX (Pilot Episode)  -- Directed By: David McNally

Hanna Montana                                           Davie (recurring)          Disney Channel -- It's A Laugh Productions 

Voice Over

Solve: The Podcast                                     Jake                                     iHeart Radio Podcasts

Love 101                                                      Kemal (lead, recurring)     Netflix Television Series

Rising High                                                  Viktor (lead)                        Netflix Original Feature Film

Bloodride                                                     Georg (guest star)              Netflix Television Series

You Cannot Hide                                         Maxim (lead, recurring)      Netflix Television Series

Immortals                                                   Sercan (lead, recurring)     Netflix Television Series

Three Days of Christmas                           Various Characters            Netflix Television Series 

Skylines                                                       Various Characters            Netflix Television Series

Ready to Mingle                                          Various Characters            Netflix Television Series


Helpful Honda Campaign Voice since 2016 - Southern California, North Texas -- TV, Radio

Whole Foods



Nintendo DS

Composer - Music Placement

Kaleidoscope (Short)                                Composer, Producer

Make Love Great Again                            6 original songs composed and performed placed in HBO feature