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My name is David Haack. I've been acting in films, television, video games and commercials - both on camera and as a voice actor - since moving to Los Angeles from Iowa in 2005. I'm also a writer and a musician, and have worked in many facets of the industry as a creator in different capacities. I've produced projects, my songs I've written and performed have appeared in films, I've scored for films, and most recently I've written more scripts than I know what to do with - both for film and television. I'll be directing my first project wearing that hat this fall, and I couldn't be more excited.

I love working with other creative people to achieve their goals, in any capacity I can fit. I feel blessed and grateful to have been able to find my place in the sea of talent in the film industry, using my own unique talents to help others tell their stories, and joining forces with like minded creatives who can help me tell my own.


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